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Our General Action to Screen Manuscripts and Offer Individual Services EP&B publishes literary books written both in English and South African indigenous languages including Afrikaans. We have a standard procedure that a manuscript goes through before it becomes a published book. The following is a list of a process a manuscript has to go through for publishing to commence.

General Actions of Manuscript Screening

The author submits the manuscript to us via email: manuscript@emporepublishers.co.za

  • Once we receive your manuscript, we will then send an email to acknowledge receipt of author’s manuscript with the attachment of our publishing profile.
  • We will review the manuscript and edit it (editing process). This normally takes a minimum of one to three months due to the large number of manuscripts we receive from different authors. We cannot guarantee feedback as soon as you send the manuscript to us.
  • Alternatively, the author can make an appointment with one of our executives at Empore Publishers & Books for a sit-down discussion of how we work and deliberate on their manuscripts.

NB: Empore Publishers does not offer traditional book publishing and/or contract services. We offer individual industry services as outlined on “About Us” home page. 

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